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More than 100 experts who work in the world of real estate on Mallorca

Buying a property on Mallorca involves a significant investment. In order to ensure that the dream of owning a property on the island does not turn into a nightmare, it is always best to seek the advice of a team of experienced professionals. You have already taken the first step by visiting our webpage www.minkner.com where you have found detailed information regarding Minkner & Partner’s team of experts. Due to their training and wealth of experience, our employees are able to answer any query regarding the purchase of real estate. Throughout the 23 years we have been active on Mallorca we have created an extensive network of contacts that are able to answer the more complex questions. The partners who form this network are companies that are directly involved with the purchase of real estate on Mallorca: namely lawyers, accountants, financial and insurance professionals and architects. It also includes professional builders, reliable craftsmen and service providers as well as retailers. We have known these partners for many years and they are only included on our list of recommended companies, when both we and our customers have had a positive experience. Visit the websites of our more than 100 experts who work in the world of real estate on Mallorca.

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www.th-a.com Tarragona-Hoehne, Architekten
Банки и Финансы
www.smartfinance.es SMART FINANCE – Immobilienfinanzierungen für Nicht-Residente
www.bancamach.es Banca March
www.sebgroup.com SEB Bank
www. dz-privatbank.com DZ PRIVATBANK
www.heilundpartner.com Heil Wirtschaftsberatung KG
www.deutsche-bank.es Deutsche Bank
www.seifert-invest.com Seifert Invest S.L.
www.lustauffarbe.net Markus Kierstein, Ihr Malerfachmann
www.isotec-mallorca.es ISOTEC, Ihr trockenes Zuhause
www.el-carpintero.com Kai Mackauer, Tischlermeister
www.redtherm.net Redtherm Infrarotheizungen
www.chimeneas-mallorca.com Pedro Lira F., Kamine
www.creabau.com CREABAU Balear – Grupo Belz & Partner
www.aqua-y-sol.es aqua y sol – Service mit Leidenschaft
Компьютеры и ИТ-техника
www.consultingteam.de DCT - das consulting team - Ihr Profi für Netzwerkadminstartion und Netzwerksicherheit
Gesundheit & Hygiene
www.proforming.de ProForming Physiotherapie
www.dfz.es Deutsches Facharzt-Zentrum Dr. Büngeler
www.sheratonmallorcagolfhotel.com Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel
www.castillosonvidamallorca.com Castillo Hotel Son Vida
www.stregismardavall.com The St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort
www.sonjulia.com Son Julia Country House Hotel
www.melia-demar.com Melia de Mar Hotel
www.lindnerhotels.com Hotel Lindner
Работа и карьера
www.jobkontakte-mallorca.com Doris Stangier - Jobkontakte
Lifestyle, Travel & Golf
www.tanjapleva-autor.com Tanja Pleva - THRILLER TIME
www.1golf.eu Golfclubs
www.golf-mallorca.com Golf Mallorca
Mode, Schmuck & Kosmetik
www.devilandsaint.com Devil & Saint Fashion Store
www.amiga-andratx.de AMIGA – Boutique de moda
www.das-forever-beauty-programm.com Astrid Prinzessin zu Stolberg – Forever Beauty Programm
www.marliesmoeller.de Marlies Möller - Die Hamburger Starfriseurin
www.marc-cain.com Marc Cain Collections
Мебель и Отделка
www.leicht-mallorca.de LEICHT Cocinas de Nopper - No. 1 Bestverkaufte Premium Marke Deutschlands
www.nolte-mallorca.com NOLTE HOME STUDIO – Deutsche Küchen & Möbel auf Mallorca
www.sw-interior-design.com SW-Interior-Design – Mit viel Liebe für´s Detail
www.intermobel.es/de/ INTERMOBEL – Vorzüglichkeit und Komfort
www.www.stork-die-einrichtung.de STORK Interior Design – Freunde des guten Geschmacks
www.rialtoliving.com RIALTO LIVING – Ihr Lifestyle Store in Palma
Искусство, культура и благотворительность
www.artvision.org Galeria de Arte Minkner
www.aspanob.com ASPANOB
www.amadipesment.org AMADIP
Право и налогообложение
www.stiff.es Dr. Manuel Stiff
www.hellwege.de Dr. Sabine Hellwege
www.consultingdms.com DMS Consulting
www.mmmm.es Carlos Anglada-Bartholmai
www.europeanaccounting.net European@ccounting – Internationale Steuerberatung auf Mallorca
www. bufetestaubach.com Abogados Bufete Staubach
www.lutz-minkner.com Lutz Minkner
www.pemaga.com Bufete Perez Marsa
www.bellapartsolicitors.com Bellapart Solicitors
Рестораны и Особенности
www.almare.es ALMARE – Restaurante y más
www.ritzi-portals.com RITZI Restaurant
www.xii-apostel.com Resaturante XII Apóstoles
www.castell-miquel.com Bodegas Castell Miquel
www.anoa-santanyi.com Restaurant ANOA Santanyi
www.mbgglobal.net SCAVY & RAY Winery
www.maciabatle.com MACIA BATLE
www.immobiliengutachter-spanien.de Lilo Geiger, Dipl. Immobilien-Sachverständige
Переезд/Транспортно-экспедиционное агентство
www.krosanke.info Otto Krosanke GmbH
TV-Video-HiFi, Sicherheit
www.sicherheit.es Scharpf Sicherheitstechnik
www.tv-sasse.net TV Sasse
Advertising, printing and photography
www.urbschat.de Fotostudio Urbschat
www.sairpa.com Sairpa S.L. – Grafik, Design und Druck
www.hainzl-gruppe.com Hainzl & Partner Versicherungen – Private Krankenversicherungen
www.iberiaversicherungen.com Iberia Versicherungen
Periodicals & Press
www.mallorcamagazin.net Mallorca Magazin
www.mallorcazeitung.es Mallorca Zeitung
www.finblog.de Finblog.de - Finanzjournalist Andreas Kunze
www.die-inselzeitung.com Die Inselzeitung
www.bellevue.de Bellevue